The Last Bullet

Today I realized that plan A will be very tough, at the same time I can’t start the plan B because some circumstances and finally I drop plan B from my big plan.

I am start thinking and preparing for plan C. I will try to reach the country beside my point on Plan A. I used several plan to get the opportunity for getting the PR. One of the plan is ask my wife for applying scholarship program. Other plan is try to get the job there and after 2 years try to apply the PR. However if all of my Plan dropped so I will use my last bullet.

I will try the nearest, that known well wouldn’t be easier than my origin country. But, for the same level of live tough, the destination country offer the better option for some condition. In terms of security, education, and safety will be better than my origin country.

Furthermore, just keep praying for plan A will be easier or at least plan C can be occur.

I need to practice my English, either on grammar and vocabulary with keep trying write my blog under this language whatever the result, I just need to keep trying.