Another amazing step

Start a career as junior voice engineer for Nortel System, playing with SL1 then Meridian untill CS1K bring me to another higher position as system engineer and latest as a senior system engineer (still for Nortel product).

Have learnt lot of experience from migration, new deployment, troubleshooting, until how to handle customer, especially angry customer :).

After a while my superior recommend me to another product as CISCO network engineer. I need to build all things from the bottom. Learning about TCP/IP, network foundation, switching and routing. Start from CCNA course I decided for give all of my attention to this new knowledge. Learning by self and as usual I work from morning to morning as network engineer. Tried to chase CCNP level and then got the CCVP and CCDP brought me to higher level which sponsored by my company, CCIE Routing & Switching exam opportunity. When got this chance, I fight hard to achieve CCIE certification, and finally I got it. CCIE give me new door to learnt another knowledge, either the technical skill and soft skill.

With CCIE certificate my company turn me to another field, I am not working as network engineer anymore, not stay alive on the night anymore, etc. They want me to be a pre-sales and consulting field. That’s give me another chance to learn how I could convince customer about the design, how to handle customer, how to talk with people, and how to treat commoner.

And now, after several experience from field/post to pre/design, from TDM technology to IP technology, from junior to senior position I try to combine all of my experience and skill to give the best for everything I do.

That’s bring me again to another chance, now I have to pass the CCIE Voice exam because of some reason that I couldn’t share because of company privacy. They gave me just 2 month for preparing all things and I come back with failure on first attempt. Now, they gave me another 2 weeks for preparing my second attempt and I hope could pass the exam. Maybe I am insane with this preparation period, however I just want to prove that preparation period could be ignored if we have an belief and willpower.

I start a career as voice engineer, and now that’s bring me to another higher position and still related to voice technology, although I still exist around routing and switching. This new opportunity give me chance to become double CCIE, off course I am excited and try to grab it.

Maybe… I will become the man who passed the voice exam with the shortest time, I don’t care because it’s prove nothing.

Because… When we stay on the middle of project or on the middle of customer, that’s will prove our quality.