Father’s Day

It has been almost 18 years….

It was a hard time, one of the hardest time in entire of my life. You passed away after 14 months struggled with your cancer condition, just a month after my big brother.

I was thinking at that time, why God? why this happened to me?

I still remember one of your thought about priceless time that you have regretted the most, time that you shall be spent with your children and family.

I was just 19 at that time, left behind by you without any money, hope and dream. I cried until I do not know how is crying felt. I was devastated. I have been missed for your heavy-sound when you are talking and gave your advice, even today.

Along my life, I tried to accumulate as much as I could about all the thoughts that you have been taught to me in between of your so busy-time because you never stop from working even for a minute Dad! Not because you do not have enough money, not because you need more treasury but just because you are bloody-damn workaholic person and never stop chasing your dream until your cancer stopped you.

But Dad, no matter what… I always memories you as a great daddy. A man who always standing by my side all the time when I had a hard time. A man who always tried to give as much as you can no matter how hard it could be. A man who always tried to give all the thoughts that you think could be benefit to my life. A man who never ever give up! A man who taught me for not ever losing my character and dignity for whatever reason to be. A man who taught me a honesty and integrity. A man who I most proud about.

Dad, I choose for not give up, I risen and have been fighting for my dream for a very long time and have been struggling even more. I still have in mind one of your thought about “Never let a problem in your life knocked down yourself to your knees, because life will take every chance to knock down you to your knees, every single chance my son. Protect your dream, stay strong and never give up to your circumstances”.

Now, I am here Dad, in Australia to pursue my dream for my family, my dream for both of my kids to have the best thing that I could give even though that was not easy for me ever, same as you taught me if being a father means do everything for his kids future, as you have did for us.

Happy Father’s Day my great Dad…. thank you for everything you have done for me. Where ever you are right now, please keep on your mind if I would never ever forget you and will always proud to be your son, a man who never ever give up to his life, a man who taught me about how important to have a quality time and moment with my family as much as I can.

Today, I got from my both a Father’s Day greeting and gift. Thing that I have gratitude a most in my life. They created a card for me, from their little hand, line by line. What a great feeling for being a Daddy. Thank you Dad, for teaching me one of the important value of life, being here for them as much I can.

One time, we will be sitting together again somewhere, Dad. Chat to each other talking about our dreams achievement with a cup of coffee. Have a rest of peace my incredible Daddy.