This journey…

I learn a lot from this journey, that some people called it “insane decision but very inspiring ones”.

I still remember that time, one time years long ago, when I sat down on side to my first son just couple days after my wife gave birth him to this world. I look down to his cute face, sleeping in peace with smile coming several times like he dreams for something funny and excited.

I asked to myself at that moment “what will you do if God give you a chance for preparing better future for your lovely son, even though you need to give up everything that you have achieved now?”

I started to find out about Australia permanent visa that time, because I read a lot about how people shared their living in Australia, all good things and all bad things (eventually) after I have entered this country a year ago.

God gave me a chance after struggling for 5 years to apply this visa. And… 2 months after my second sons coming to our family our visa granted. That moment, I took a very hard decision but with high hope about better future for my family, I have gave up everything I have in Jakarta to migrate to Australia (except my house and my investment).

I failed when first time tried to migrate, we just have 3 months here struggled with all circumstances, and I (again) took a hard decision to went back to Jakarta at that time. Fortunately I have a best friend there and I have referenced to his CEO from one of the greatest company I have ever worked. I spent a year in Jakarta afterwards.

This year, I got another opportunity to (once again) migrate to Australia to pursue my dream for my kids and family. I am very gratefully for that chance and all the help happened during the process, but sometimes we could not stand on the condition that not suitable to our passion and skill.

I am thinking a lot about how to quit from this condition and try to survive because I want-badly my kids growing here, the most liveable city in the world 6 times in a row. I am lucky have a very strong and persistent wife that holding my back and whispered with love “do not worry to much, God never left us alone here, He will guide you, you need to believe and confident with your skill”.

I started my Novena after that, 9 days before easter. And guess what? God gave me another opportunity with better salary and better job description just on 4 days. Another miracle happens.

In our life, I learn that nothing stand forever, when good thing happen enjoy it and express our gratitude because it would not stand forever. When bad thing happen, also express our gratitude and keep in mind that God never left us, and that also would not stand forever.

And, I also learn if our life is on our own hand and God. Whatever happens around you, your life is your life and you just need look up on that. As my mom always said to me “people can not harm other people’s life, but only God will”

Another thing that I have learn from this journey is a good friend. I have a lot of good friend who always cheer me up, listening and give advice when I need. Especially about how working in Australia goes.

Thank God for everything, for all good times and all bad times that I have learned a lot.