how dare you leave the comfort zone ?

This couple of weeks, I have been thinking about how big our effort if we really move to other country. This thought stressed me out, maybe this happen because I am on my comfort zone position now.

Suddenly, my beloved father quote flashing into my head, “Fear to quit comfort zone is stupid but still acceptable. However, if we take uncomfortable condition as our comfort zone because we fear lost something we have, it was very moron. live is about fight and struggle to get your dream whatever it is”

That sentence, remind in my head and wake up me from my hesitation. Then I asked to my wife about how ready she is if we need to struggling for a long period. She just repeated our dream and purpose why we want leaving all of this comfort zone and try to get there.

Yes, our purpose not about living in comfort zone there although we want it too if possible but it was not the main point we struggle to get there. We want better education, better air quality, better water quality and off course better live environment for our kids as our purposes.

All of this refresh my head about the dream and purpose and strengthen me, though. Although, I still have a concern about how live will come in there, but this is what we need to do it now or not at all for chasing our dream.

The chance I have asked to Him already given, what I need just try to grab the chance and struggling to realize it.


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