Have finished another exam 3 days ago, the result will come up on 2 weeks. Honestly I am not confident with these exam, because I messed up almost everything during the exam.

I got blank with listening section, some question missed the answer and more question followed when I got panic after blank.

Have no idea when did the writing section, just put simple thought and got silly myself when read the essay after finish, however, what could I do?

I have very confused (I do not know why) when did the speaking section, whereas the examiner was very kind and helpful.

Only on the reading section I did it quiet nice, but also not confident if those effort could give score 7.

Ough… it was very annoying, several months preparation to pursue higher score just broke up on a day. Yes, I am not yet receiving any result from IELTS, but I have discourage already.

Now, I think I need to do another preparation for having another exam (again)