A week to go

A week to go to the exam date. I am going closer to the date. Whatever the result is, I just need to try the best, Honestly I am not fully confident if I could get 7 on each band. But, I need to try, I just wondering if all of my chance and option get closed one by one.

I am praying to God, please please please… give me a simple-little light, just to keep my spirit always up. I know it’s not easy to get there, but I try hard, too hard to keep all chances and opportunity open for me.

I want chasing my dream, as simple as that, and I will do anything to achieve it. My dream just simple, want better environment, air, water, education, security, and life for my kids and family. I am not have a dream to become rich, to become popular, or to become millionaire. My dream just simple, want to live my life with peace and balance.

God please give me a chance…


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