Read, Read, & Read…

It has been struggling since 2 years ago to get any chances to apply the application. Sometimes I questioning my self “what have you been doing?”

Yes, it was a problem when I want to apply 2 years ago, I need to have 6 years working experience since my bachelor degree not inline with my job, it was very annoying that time, I need to hold everything.

Then, a years ago, I have a cute boy, my first son, everything going well until one night when I studied to prepare an exam, I saw my baby’s face, and I pensive for a long time, ended with questioning again my self once again “what need I do to have a proper education, better health coverage, security, and environment for my baby?”

I could use insurance, but that is not the best answer. Then I thought why not continue my plan again.

My choices fall into two destination. I started review all things about first choice, contacted agent, and off course starting IELTS preparation again.

IELTS preparation torture me, it was the hardest exam that I ever took, even compared to my CCIE attempt. I don’t know why, maybe that’s because we do not use English as first language here.

So, I need to read, read, and read again all things, all module, included all tools to help my preparation, one of them is this blog.

I just wondering, why this journey so heavy and  hard? Maybe… it’s too valuable and worth it.


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