Start Now

After a while I am going to deep consideration about how and what I need to do for improving my skill in English when taking IELTS Exam.

I need score 7 each band, that is means I need practice all 4 sections which are tested. I have a big mistake when did the first exam, I did not well prepare on grammar. When I did the second, another mistake came again, I forgot about practice grammar linked and off course, vocabulary.

I know, I have a terrible English, since I have lived on country which not use English as first language, it causes me have to hard to practice both writing and speaking. For reading and listening I can use a module that provided conversation file and leaflet.

However, I must do something for improving my writing and speaking. So I start use my blog to practice my writing skill, and still looking for how to practice my speaking skill so I can speak naturally.

Even when I tried to write everything I want to this blog, sometimes I still found myself dazed. Maybe, it was something I need to practiced over and over everyday.

Tonight I have spent almost 45 minutes to get 2 kilometer, just to reach my housing complex’s gates. It has punched my time and give me abundant reason for trying the best on the exam so I could move to another better place. This city’s traffic jam is very horrible and nasty.

I hope still have some chances for chasing my dream.



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