Wow.. itu kata yang bisa saya ucapkan untuk adik sepupu saya Clemence Edwig (@edwigdu) alias Mimi.

Apa yang dia lakukan benar-benar menaikan kembali semangat dan harapan saya ke tingkat yang lebih tinggi saat ini. Bisa dikatakan dia menjadi IMBOOST !!!

Memang, kita hanya mampu berusaha lebih baik dan akan ditentukan oleh Nya, akan tetapi akan kah kita berhenti sebelum berusaha?

Mimi is my cousin, she have been struggling for her live and as far as I know she never give up. I have read some article she posted on her blog and that gave me a slight view about what is faith and belief working on our’s live.

I won’t give up, won’t stop, I will try and try until I can get the chance to move there. I want a better life for my children, for my family.

I don’t care about what will become if moving there, I don’t care what type of jobs I will do if going there, I don’t care if I have to give great-sale when doing the job. I don’t care even if I need to do a dishwasher for survive there.

What I need just a chance for getting there. Just a little chance… and I always believe God never leave me and always listening.

If God give me a chance to go there then I believe He also will take care of us after done.

You are amazing mi, yes… I am salute on you. I am proud on you.


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