Why we need shortcut ???

After my second failure, some people came to me and offered the shortcut for CCIE, they said if I will have a real Lab in my hand before I sitting again for the third attempt.

I asked to them “Why we need shortcut ?”

CCIE is not the common certification, this certification is not an ending after we have already get the number.  We still need a lot of thing to prove after we certified. CCIE is not about how much you spent the money, is not about how much you sacrifice for doing preparation, is not about how much your tears and sweat that spilled.

CCIE is one of the prestigious certification that can convinced other people about how deep the knowledge of CCIE certified, how mature the CCIE certified, and how good problem handling of CCIE certified.

That’s why we don’t need shortcut for getting this certification, we need a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hands on, a lot of reading. Shortcut just give you an empty certification even you success on the exam.

There is no shortcut for getting real success, we need a lot of tears and sweat, maturity and sacrifice, learning and keep trying, and the last important thing “Never give up”.