Cool down time.

After I checked the lab schedule, I found that I couldn’t go for the third attempt by March. Because I have to wait 30 days before retake because of retake policy. The problem is, when I could retake on April 12th, my wife close to new-born. It’s to risk for me when need to bargaining my baby with an exam.

That’s why I decided if I will try to go to 3rd attempt on end of may, at least I try to sit on 3rd attempt before the version change.

Maybe I need to cool down, I need to have a priority for my live after have a baby, when my family going to bigger.

Like my friend said “CCIE or not it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is you already have the knowledge inside your head, so your just need to show it”

I believe if everything happens for a reason, that’s why I am so grateful even when I failed on my exam.