Learning from failure

Some people sympathize to me when I fail on second attempts, some people judge me with the opinion that they have, and some people try to convince me about my weakness.

I don’t mind, I always like to encouraged my friend to pursue this certifications because I know that this is worth it to be pursued. I love to motivate other people for taking CCIE because I believe every people had a same chance to get this number.

I know I fail twice. So what? at least I am not quit, I still on my track and also I still try to wake up after fall down, and the important thing is I try to share my experience with other people who have a same dream with me.

At the end, if I still fail to get the double, at least I had try to become more “expert” in voice technology. Even if you fail on your lab you still got the experience which you would not have on another place.

With the second attempt’s experience and with the second attempt’s score I have, I proud because I close to the number and I can consider myself to be able to become an Voice expert.