Casing the dream

Yes, I am chasing the dream, about a few days I will sitting on the Lab again for doing my second CCIE Voice Exam.

I don’t know why, but I am feel in love to Voice Technology, one of the oldest technology where people still use till today.

Since 1871 when Antonio Meucci found the sound Telegraph and on 1877 Alexander Graham Bell produce the first telephone and on 1891 telephone using dial method, voice technology growing and innovate until this time.

You might be found 1000 network engineer out there who have deep knowledge about IP/TCP, switching, and routing. But, maybe you just met 5% of them who know deeply about voice technology.

That’s encourage me for casing my dream, I know that pass the CCIE Voice Lab didn’t gave me a deep knowledge about voice technology. However, I can combine all of my experience from several product and knowledge from TDM to VoIP and now IP Telephony.

I just want to have more couple step for my career and hope that could become some advantages for my future.