The New Chapter

Failure is not the big deal, with failure we could learnt about never give up and grateful for anything we have.

CCIE Lab Exam is only one of the way we could get our dreams and what we need just pictured out our dreams and used that to encourage our CCIE Lab Exam journey.

Doesn’t matter how many times you need to attempt the exam until you get the number, the important thing is CCIE Lab Exam not just teaching us about how to apply the technology, but also teach us about the endurance, patient, spirit, maturity, and toughness.

That’s why this certification progress seems different with another certification on the world today.

If you want achieved your number the first thing you need to keep on your mind is CCIE certification is very hard to achieved BUT it’s passable, many people prove it many times.

Especially for myself, CCIE Journey is simple like (A + B + C) * D and you will get Success –> In Indonesian Language.

A, B, C is for preparation and D is multiplying your preparation.

A stand for Alat –> that’s means tools, yes you need tools for preparing your lab exam. Tools might be remote lab, bootcamp, books, internet etc.

B stand for Bekerja –> that’s means working, you need hard work, maybe very hard work to achieve your number.

C stand for Cita-Cita dan Cara –> that’s means dreams and strategy, you need variation of strategy for every exam no matter that is pass or fail. CCIE is about how you play your strategy well. And you also need a very strong dreams to push your limits to without limit.

and D stand for Doa –> that’s means Pray, I understand if CCIE is not a given and not because you lucky, that’s why we need ask to Him for granted us a strength, toughness, and good physic during the preparation and exam.

So, what I need now after failed? Simple, just relax, discover all of the mistake, prepare the new one (strategy, new technology that maybe miss during first preparation, etc), and wake up to be ready for 2nd attempts.