Getting closer to a full day of struggle

Yeahh… the time getting close to a full day of struggle.

This is not the first time I sitting on 8 hours Lab exam, but this still give an unspeakable feeling to me. For me, CCIE Lab Exam more to mind-games rather than skill and understanding to the technology.

With the shorter preparation time because of one or more reasons, my company just have one mission for me, get the CCIE Voice before the date line.

OR, there will some consequences that I need to pay if I fail for two times and the third chance. Where it means I had to return half of the budget for doing this exam to my company if I fail on second try, and need to return whole budget for the third exam if I fail again.

That’s means I just have a single chance for this time. Quite interesting and raise the adrenalin, but very annoying because the bunch of material for preparing all things.

Whatever the consequences that lie ahead, I can only try at the maximum for the family, my ambition and my dreams.

Nothing is impossible for the man with dreams, never give up, hardwork, faith and belief.