The Journey Continue

This year I will passing the Xmas, New Year and also my birthday without any party because I need to prepare my Voice Lab Exam that will come on few days.

This just like 2008 when I did the preparation for RS track. I suffer with this preparation, but I have a quite challenging during the process.

Can I pass the exam on first attempt again? I don’t know, with shorter time for preparing all the material and the complexity give me no chance to give up and slow the speed.

Honestly I surprise with the constant speed that I have did till today, it’s awesome to have tension and speed like this when pursuing the Exam. Maybe, this is the CCIE adrenalin when the exam date already decided and I have no chance for looking back and need to go forward and fight.

Also, this is one thing why CCIE is become one of the prestigious certification on the IT on the worldwide today.

Whatever the suffering and great difficulty, I believe all have a reason and the reason is what pictured inside my dream.

So, what is your highest dream? CCIE maybe can become one of the way for you to achieve your highest dream.

We must have a dream for life, but don’t live in dream.