Last Day Bootcamp

Today is my last day on IPexpert Voice bootcamp, quite exciting know that I will go back tomorrow.

I hope could do the exam well next month and passed it. I spent almost 17 hours flight to here and will the same for go back.

The second week of bootcamp is very interesting and excellent for preparing my lab exam readiness. I doing the entire IPexpert mock lab workbook and the trainer Mr. Vik Malhi standby all the time and ready anytime I need him for explaining the problem, troubleshooting, and how to fixed the configuration. It’s like one to one bootcamp exactly.

I very satisfied with the voice bootcamp, the phone, the call manager and other hardware are very nice. The instructor is very intelligent and have a very deep knowledge on voice technology.

Well, it’s morning on 5 here right now, and today is last day. I hope can get as much as possible for this last day and use it for continue my preparation at home and can help me passing the exam next month.