Uncle Sam

I go to San Jose for 2 weeks for preparing my CCIE Voice Lab exam. I attend IpExpert bootcamp courses here.

First, that is not really exciting to be here, it’s not about the course but about the food. I am stress out because can not found food like plain rice with the simple fried chicken here. I eat the sandwich, burger, and all the beef stuff food each day.

Second, this country really far from my home, I spent almost 16 hours on the plane for get here. Jet-lag is one of the condition that I avoid, because I hate the jet-lag.

Third, it’s very cold here, maybe for the citizen they fell fairy-warm right now, but I am not the citizen and I came from very hot country.

And the last, My wife pregnant and I can’t passed my day without missing her.

This all of my sacrifice and became a reasons for me to fight and passing the exam.