I need to keep focus

Yes, I have tried to focus on my second Lab exam. This couple of day suddenly I feel very lazy to read the existing material or starting something related to the Remote Lab.

I do not understand why, maybe I was too tired because I still have to take care of my job. However, I need to understand that I could not let this continue.

I must begin to rise up and pursue my dreams, this second exam is not easy, but if successfully passed then I could double my certificates and of course this will really help my live whether I success to migrate or not.

By the time that is given only 2 months, I actually quite pessimistic can pass. However, I do not want to give up so easily, with the condition of my wife was pregnant, I wanted to give something to my son when he is born. At least I want to provide a better life, and I could give it with pass the exam on this opportunity.

Whatever happens, now I can only hope and pray, that given the strength, perseverance, and health during preparation and while undergoing the exam.